Walter Johnson



Mr. Johnson is founder and CEO of Telcom Design Corporation., which was established in 1977 to develop cost effective satellite and telecommunications infrastructure for business and education. He is an Associate of the San Diego Global University and  Senior Associate for Global Infrastructure Solutions with The Strategy Group Inc., specializing in the use of Internet and satellite telecommunications for accelerated learning for businesses, public schools, and universities. Mr. Johnson is Co-Founder of World Wide Wireless Web Corp. (W4), which operated the AmericasNet International Satellite Internet Gateway co-located at the San Diego Super Computer Center, a Super POP for both high speed WEB connectivity, Internet-2, and other Internet networks for universities and research centers.

Since founding Sat-Networks International in 1990, Mr. Johnson has been active in the engineering, marketing, and operation of innovative satellite and wireless networks in Mexico and Latin America. For several years SNI operated the Mexico wide satellite and data networks for such clients as the Mexican railroad and Alaska Airlines.  Prior to his joining MultiComm Telecommunications Corporation (an Amway company) in March, 1988, as Vice President of Sales/Marketing and Director of Micro-DataSat Product Development, Mr. Johnson was Director, and Chief Technology Officer at Satellite Business Networks, Inc. where he developed a family of low-cost C-Band satellite data broadcast systems and state-of-the-art KU-Band 0.6 meter Micro DataSats for simultaneous satellite broadcasting of news wires,  program audio, and high speed data, including the first use of satellite multipoint distribution to simultaneously cache data at airports throughout North America for PanAm Weather Systems, pre-dating Internet caching by a decade. Over 400,000 micro-dishes using these basic designs are currently in use in North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

After forming Modulation Associates, Inc. in 1979, he teamed with California Microwave, Inc. to play a key role in pioneering the small aperture terminal “SAT” business in the United States, including the management of the systems architecture, hardware development, and implementation of The Mutual Network, The Associated Press, Dow Jones, R.K.O., MUZAK, TranStar, New York Metropolitan Opera, and ABC’s TalkRadio Network.

Subsequently, Modulation Associates pioneered the spectrum efficient SCPC transmission system that made it economically possible for small regional radio networks to distribute via satellite. During his tenure, the company dominated the sports and regional network market, selling and installing over 70 radio networks. The company helped to start the in-room movie systems business for hotels, and built over 12,000 pay-per-view set-top boxes.

In 1969, Mr. Johnson founded Coastcom, Incorporated, a manufacturer of specialized telephone and program audio transmission equipment. While at Coastcom, Mr. Johnson received the patents for the multichannel TV sound and data system used on ANIK I, the first Canadian domestic satellite. During his tenure, Coastcom supplied the transmission equipment for the national radio networks of Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Uganda, Taiwan, Korea, Algeria, Thailand, and several other nations. Coastcom also supplied the TV sound and telephone transmission equipment for the world’s first portable INTELSAT earth station. Mr. Johnson worked with Dr. Henry Kissinger’s China Team to air lift this earth station to Beijing, China, and establish the history-making satellite link to the U.S. for President Nixon’s trip to China.

Earlier assignments include being Western Regional Manager of the communications equipment division of Microwave Associates, Transmission Engineer for Mountain Bell, Chairman of the Electronics Industry Subcommittee of the Idaho State Industrial Advisory Board and Chief Engineer of KUID-TV/FM. Mr. Johnson received his BSEE Degree from the University of Idaho. He has published over 30 papers and holds three patents related to satellite network transmission.