Satellite Systems

The Staff of Telcom Design Corp. has many years of experience in the field of satellite communications. Mr. Johnson holds three patents related to satellite communications and Ing. Castro pioneered satellite coverage of presidential campaigns, the Olympics, and satellite news gathering in Mexico.

Our experience dates back to Anic I and Westar I, the first comercial satellites in North America. We developed the multi-channel TV sound system used by the Canadian CBC and Intelsat. Mr. Johnson played a key role in the developement very small dish receive only satellite systems for Mutual, The Associate Press, The New York Met., RKO, ABC, Muzak etc, at a time when conventional think said that a 15 foot dish was the smallest possible.

Other efforts included:

The development and integration of the ground station multiplex for the TV, audio, and telephone service used on Dr. Kissenger and President Nixon's historic trip to China.

The first all solidstate portable uplink for sports and concert broadcasts

Satellite News Gathering truck integration.

The PanAm weather network which was the first to use far end data caching to store weather data.

The W4 Americas Network delivering Internet 2 to Latin Universities

Classroom 21, deminstrated the use of satellite delivered high speed Internet to rural schools to improve their SAT scores.

The nation wide Alaska airlines satellite network in Mexico.

The first VISA credit card authorization system using data broadcast and local caching of bad cards at the retail outlet.



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